Album Reviews


Sep 28, 2016 Web Exclusive

M.I.A.'s fifth, and perhaps last studio album is yet another titled after a name, flipped this time into an anagram with implication. 

Head Carrier

Sep 27, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Where do we even begin with Pixies? We know they laid the groundwork for every important grunge and alternative band who succeeded them, while they also notoriously called it quits after just a few years and four nearly-flawless albums. 

Regina Spektor
Remember Us to Life

Sep 26, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

For die-hard fans, it has been four long years since the release of What We Saw from the Cheap SeatsRegina Spektor's sixth and most recent studio album. (Catchy as her intro to Orange is the New Black might be, it just doesn't fill the void that a new album from the Soviet-born singer/songwriter does.)

Comic Book Reviews

Arrow: The Dark Archer

Sep 02, 2016 Web Exclusive

The Arrow-verse expands in Arrow: The Dark Archer, DC Comics' 12-part digital-first series that explores the untold history of (Green) Arrow villain Malcolm Merlyn. 

Book Reviews

Alejandro Danois
The Boys of Dunbar: A Story of Love, Hope, and Basketball

Sep 22, 2016 Web Exclusive

The Boys of Dunbar is not only a book about the best high school basketball team in the nation, which spawned several NBA greats, it's a story about courage, leadership, hard work, and overcoming obstacles.


Simon Franglen, composer for The Magnificent Seven & The Voyage of Time

Sep 23, 2016 Web Exclusive

Two very different films, Antoine Fuqua's remake of The Magnificent Seven and Terrence Malick's new documentary The Voyage of Time, have one direct through line joining them together. Simon Franglen composed music for both. The films debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival between September 8-18 with two versions of the Malick documentary, one a 45 minute IMAX experience, and the other a feature-length 90 minutes exploring creation and destruction through birth and death and humanity's place on Earth. The Magnificent Seven is a cowboy romp, and a familiar story brought back to the silver screen. 

Hans Petter Moland, director of In Order of Disappearance

Aug 26, 2016 Web Exclusive

Hans Petter Moland has been a stalwart of Norwegian cinema for over two decades. Often playing with dark material, and skirting around the edges of multiple genres, he’s become a regular on the festival circuit, appearing frequently at Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival where his eighth film, In Order of Disappearance, premiered back at the start of 2014. Two and half years down the line and his mix of revenge thriller and black comedy has continued to launch strongly in a number of regions, leading to a US release. The film set in Norway stars acclaimed Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, best known to US audiences for blockbusters ranging from the Marvel films to Pirates of the Caribbean.

In their fourth film together, Skarsgård plays Nils, a taciturn snowplow operator who embarks on an amateur and very bloody revenge mission when his son is killed by local gangsters. His actions inadvertently spark a gang war, sending the body count spiraling. Hans spoke to us recently to discuss mixing genres, the rise of Norwegian cinema, and working with Stellan Skarsgård.

Pleased to meet you

Frankie Cosmos

Jul 28, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

There's a moment near the end of Next Thingthe second studio album by Frankie Cosmosthat perfectly encapsulates the disarmingly conversational spirit of Greta Kline's music. It comes halfway through "Outside With the Cuties," a playfully longing ballad with oohing backing vocals. 


TIFF 2016 Preview: The Movies We’re Most Excited to See

Aug 24, 2016

By Jason Wilson

With the 41st Toronto International Film Festival around the corner, the list of films set to be playing cover so many styles and genres that there truly is something for every taste. TIFF is about variety and access. It is friendly to the public and is far from being an exclusive affair. It is a celebration of film, filmmakers and film lovers. That said, deciding on what movies to target is a tall order with such a massive slate.

I’ll be covering TIFF for Under the Radar this year. The festival runs from September 8 – 18. The following are 10 movies I’m especially interested in seeing with a little rundown on why I’m looking forward to them. After this, I’ll have a second 15 titles I’m also interested in. This is only scratches the surface of the total list. If your most anticipated is missing, feel free to pop on down in the comments section and make a case for it. Depending on the schedule, I likely won’t be able to see all of these movies during the festival. It’s 10 days of running around to various venues and still finding the time to eat, sleep and write. Onto the list!

Live reviews

Glass Animals at The Village, Los Angeles August 31, 2016

Sep 12, 2016 By Lily Moayeri

The residents of West LA had a harder time than usual maneuvering their vehicles home during rush hour on Wednesday August 31st. Glass Animals, who released their second album, How to Be a Human Being, the week before, were participating in a Tumblr IRL event in that neighborhood's legendary The Village recording studios. 


TIFF 2016: Day Nine

Sep 18, 2016 By Jason Wilson

We’ve reached the finish line. There are screenings beyond the final Friday, and I’m sure I’ve missed some excellent pieces of cinema – it’s unavoidable with a slate as varied and massive as TIFF’s. All in all, it was a fantastic festival. And even if my final day didn’t reach the heights of other days, there wasn’t a poor film in the bunch, which is encouraging. 

Cinema Reviews

Danny Says

Sep 27, 2016 Web Exclusive

Danny Says is that delightful case in film where the subject whose raison-d’etre is explored is an immeasurably influential person you may not have known about.

DVD Reviews

Valley of the Dolls & Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Studio: Criterion

Sep 26, 2016 Web Exclusive

In certain cinephile circles, the reputation of Mark Robson’s Valley of the Dolls, based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann, precedes itself. 

Television Reviews

Documentary Now! Season 2
IFC, Wednesdays at 10/9 Central

Sep 27, 2016 Web Exclusive

Helen Mirren is back! The second season (or as Mirren tells us at the beginning of each episode, "Season 51") of Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's mockumentary satire series for IFC, Documentary Now! comes highly anticipated.