Album Reviews

David Bowie
Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976)

Oct 21, 2016 Web Exclusive

Parlophone's latest David Bowie reissue box set has already grabbed some attention for including The Gouster, a rare 1974 album that Bowie later scrapped and remixed as Young Americans. But Who Can I Be Now? has much more going for it, especially for die hard Bowie fans, as a snapshot of Bowie's brief but eclectic "plastic soul" era.

Jamie Lidell
Building a Beginning

Oct 20, 2016 Web Exclusive

British-born, Nashville-based soul singer Jamie Lidell has never been afraid of experimenting with a multitude of instruments or genres; throughout his career he's leapt deftly from R&B to funk to electronica, confidently finding his footing after every stylistic departure. 

P.S. Eliot

Oct 19, 2016 Web Exclusive

Before Katie Crutchfield (vocals/guitar) started her solo project Waxahatchee in 2011 and her twin sister Allison Crutchfield (drums) joined the now also defunct and much-missed Swearin' around the same time, they were both in P.S. Eliot, a band formed in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

Classic Interviews

“Weird Al” Yankovic

“Weird Al” Yankovic
Unconventially Unconventional

Mar 04, 2015 Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

Following more than three decades as the premier maestro of musical parody, "Weird Al" Yankovic suddenly finds himself having the best year of his career. His 2014 release, Mandatory Fun, was the yuckster-accordionist's first Billboard #1 Album.

Comic Book Reviews

Superman: American Alien: Written by Max Landis

Oct 20, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

In terms of popularity, Superman is a paradox among superheroes. He is the heroic archetype, iconic and eternal. But when it comes to actual stories, nothing outside of his origins really come to mind, and most fans would even admit that the overpowered nature of Superman's abilities just makes him boring.


Wild Beasts

Oct 21, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

John Congleton, producer of Wild Beasts' fifth album, Boy King, has an oversized dildo and a plastic Jesus guarding over the mixing desk in his Dallas, Texas studio, Elmwood Recording.


Oct 20, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Romanticizing the past can easily metamorphose into cheap nostalgia. On first blush, Metronomy's newest, Summer 08feels like a prime candidate to succumb to this malady.

Pleased to meet you

The Lemon Twigs

Oct 19, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Brothers often fight and clash. But they can also be the biggest motivators for each other. Take for example 19-year-old Brian D'Addario and his 17-year-old brother Michael. They've used their differences and similarities to create the catchy pop-rock of their Long Island, New York, band The Lemon Twigs.


TIFF 2016 Preview: The Movies We’re Most Excited to See

Aug 24, 2016

By Jason Wilson

With the 41st Toronto International Film Festival around the corner, the list of films set to be playing cover so many styles and genres that there truly is something for every taste. TIFF is about variety and access. It is friendly to the public and is far from being an exclusive affair. It is a celebration of film, filmmakers and film lovers. That said, deciding on what movies to target is a tall order with such a massive slate.

I’ll be covering TIFF for Under the Radar this year. The festival runs from September 8 – 18. The following are 10 movies I’m especially interested in seeing with a little rundown on why I’m looking forward to them. After this, I’ll have a second 15 titles I’m also interested in. This is only scratches the surface of the total list. If your most anticipated is missing, feel free to pop on down in the comments section and make a case for it. Depending on the schedule, I likely won’t be able to see all of these movies during the festival. It’s 10 days of running around to various venues and still finding the time to eat, sleep and write. Onto the list!

Live reviews

Outlaw Music Festival, Scranton, PA, September 18, 2016

Sep 30, 2016 By Frank Valish

On Sunday, September 18, the day after Farm Aid played Bristow, VA, Willie Nelson and Neil Young headlined the first Outlaw Music Festival in Scranton, PA.



I Can Cook, Too: Jamie Lidell Shares a Recipe for Pressure Cooker Lovers

Oct 19, 2016 By Jamie Lidell

Food, much like music, is a common and personal thread we all share. Our recurring guest feature I Can Cook, Too spotlights artist-submitted recipes and the stories behind them. This instalment features a recipe from Jamie Lidell

Cinema Reviews

The Handmaiden

Oct 21, 2016 Web Exclusive

Lady Hideko is a sheltered young heiress living under the watchful eye of her cruel uncle on a palatial estate in 1930s Korea.

DVD Reviews

Dekalog Blu-ray/DVD
Studio: Criterion

Oct 21, 2016 Web Exclusive

At last, Krzysztof Kieślowski's magnum opus Dekalog's been given a long-deserved deluxe treatment--a definitive edition available on Blu-ray and DVD replete with essays, extras, and expanded versions of two of its ten parts.

Television Reviews

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
BBC America, Saturdays 9/8 Central

Oct 21, 2016 Web Exclusive

British author Douglas Adams' more well known hilarious sci-fi epic, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, has had its fair share of adaptations in television, radio, and film, although none of them lived up to the expectations set by the novel.