Album Reviews


Jun 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

Great albums originate from fortuitous circumstances. Bedouine's Azniv Korkejian, the Aleppo-born Armenian singer/songwriter by way of Boston, Houston, and eventually Los Angeles, went to Gus Seyffert's studio in hopes of purchasing a reel-to-reel tape machine. 

Amber Arcades
Cannonball EP

Jun 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

It's usually a bad sign when the best song on your new EP is a cover tune. And it's even worse if that song is the opening track. But Amber Arcades' version of Nick Drake's "Which Will" fits so well within their archetypical dream twee sound that there is no drop off with the four tracks that follow.

Beach Fossils

Jun 27, 2017 Web Exclusive

The third studio album from New York dreamy rockers Beach Fossils stops to a near-standstill half-way through its fifth track, "Rise," where Memphis rapper Cities Aviv leads a saxophone-induced slow dance. 

Classic Interviews

My Firsts: Michael Lovett of NZCA Lines

My Firsts: Michael Lovett of NZCA Lines
Lovett on His First Kiss, First Pet, First Movie in Saw in the Theater, First Favorite Band, and the First Time He Fell in Love

Apr 29, 2016 Web Exclusive

My Firsts is our email interview series where we ask musicians to tell us about their first life experiences, be it early childhood ones (first word, first concert, etc.) or their first tastes of being a musician (first band, first tour, etc.). For this My Firsts we talk to Michael Lovett from London electro-pop outfit NZCA Lines

Comic Book Reviews

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea
Dark Horse

Jun 09, 2017 Web Exclusive

Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea has a lot going for it. Per usual with a Mike Mignola-verse project, the art-in this case by Gary Gianni, who also co-wrote the book with Mignola-is simply gorgeous. 



Jun 28, 2017 Issue #60 - Father John Misty

On "Certainty," the euphorically yearning opening track of Temples' sophomore album,Volcano, lead vocalist and guitarist James Bagshaw's voice reaches heavenly notes.

Sondre Lerche

Jun 27, 2017 Issue #60 - Father John Misty

Sondre Lerche's vulnerability isn't a device. It's an uncontrived, essential component of his psyche, one which he wears on his sleeve and permeates his music. The Norwegian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist's warm blooded, meticulously crafted pop songs have assumed protean forms through the years. Initially Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach informed jaunty cuts on 2001's 

Pleased to meet you


Jun 14, 2017 Issue #60 - Father John Misty

"I feel like I'm inviting people to watch me grow," says Amelia Murray, confessing to the deliberate transparency that she presents Fazerdazeher happy/sad bedroom pop project. "I'm still figuring out what I'm doing."


Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Our Best of the Fest

May 01, 2017

Words by Austin Trunick. 

The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival is now in the books, and this year’s fest was a true blast. Always a showcase for new and rising film talents, this year’s festival also provided attendees a chance to sneak peeks at new TV shows, interact with virtual reality shorts and installations on an entire floor dedicated to immersive entertainment, listen to respected video game makers dish on their design secrets, and hear some old filmmaking heavyweights discuss their classic movies. (I was lucky enough to be in the audience at this year’s Reservoir Dogs 25 Anniversary reunion, where Quentin Tarantino and his old castmates – Buscemi, Keitel Madsen, and Roth – looked back at the film, and even detailed Tom Waits’ failed audition for the movie.) When you’ve seen dozens of movies in such a short period of time, it can be tough to pick favorites, but we’re going ahead and trying. Here are our five top films of this year’s Tribeca festival, plus a few more noteworthy mentions. 

Live reviews

Baroness at Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA, June 2, 2017

Jun 13, 2017 By Frank Valish

At the "Birth Day" anniversary party for Tired Hands Brewing Company, metal masters Baroness thrilled to a sell out crowd.


Soundtracking the Resistance - An Interview with Algiers on Their Politically Charged New Album

Jun 23, 2017 By Stephen Mayne

Not all musicians are political, and not all those who are think too deeply on the subject. That cannot be said of the members of Algiers, half of whom lay out concerns and hopes for the future in our interview this week. This week's column also tackles Republican healthcare plans, lost elections, disturbing footage, and memorials. 

Cinema Reviews


Jun 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

The newest film from Korean writer/director Bong Joon-ho bears some key resemblances to his previous effort, the 2013 sci-fi adventure Snowpiercer

DVD Reviews

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
Studio: Criterion

Jun 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

During the 1920s, Alfred Hitchcock worked as a title designer, assistant director, writer and co-director on dozens of features at the peak of the silent era. 

Television Reviews

The Mist
Spike, Thursdays, June 22 at 10/9 Central

Jun 22, 2017 Web Exclusive

Stephen King fans might be wondering how The Mist went from a novella with a single location to a serialized drama/thriller.