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Saturday, July 4th, 2020  
Election 2020: End of the Fucking Road, pretty much

Mar 12, 2020 By Steve King

There’s only one feeling in politics that’s better than being right: It’s being surprised. More than a dozen primaries in, Joe Biden’s numbers are nothing to sneeze at, or cough at, or look at. He beat Bernie Sanders’ brains out on Super Tuesday and then kept doing it across the Midwest. Gray matter all over the plains. March is the month that decides primaries, and this one is over. It’s Biden. More

Reissued and Revisited: Bobby Patterson

Mar 06, 2020 By Frank Valish

Reissued on beautiful dark purple vinyl from Real Gone Music, Bobby Patterson’s It’s Just a Matter of Time remains a soul classic to this day. More

Election 2020: The Anarchy Primaries

Feb 25, 2020 By Steve King Web Exclusive

Liberals worry. They worry about real things. Conservatives worry about fake things. Democrats worry so Republicans don't have to; that's the way things work. At least until recently, the fundamentals of our democratic schism were strong. More

PLAYlist 51: Crown of Emara

Feb 24, 2020 By Austin Trunick

We take a look at the crunchy new Euro, Crown of Emara, from publisher Pegasus Spiele. More

Elizabeth Sankey of Summer Camp on the Top 5 Musical Moments from Romantic Comedies

Feb 14, 2020 By Elizabeth Sankey

Keeping in mind that Summer Camp's new album is entitled Romantic Comedyis a companion piece to a documentary of the same name directed by the band's Elizabeth Sankey, and is out on Valentine's Day, we asked Sankey to put together a romantic comedy-themed list and she focused on her favorite musical moments from romantic comedies, scenes where characters sing (not always well).  More

Reissued and Revisited: Velvert Turner Group

Feb 10, 2020 By Frank Valish

Velvert Turner, a Jimi Hendrix protégé, released one album in the early '70s. Org Music's reissue proves that this lost classic is more than simple homage. More

PLAYlist 50: Mini Rails

Jan 21, 2020 By Austin Trunick

Our fiftieth board games column looks at Mini Rails, from Tasty Minstrel Games, and pairs it with an hour's worth of Johnny Cash train tracks.  More

Marianne Williamson, 2020, and the Death of Razzle Dazzle

Jan 14, 2020 By Steve King

It's been a weird couple years. We all know that... Injustice has been raw-doggin' reality so hard, no one could blame you for thinking we've all accidentally stepped onto another plane of existence. That's why we need to have a quick chat about Marianne Williamson and her failed presidential campaign. More

PLAYlist 49: Tribes: Dawn of Humanity

Jan 09, 2020 By Austin Trunick

A board game about mankind's first 30 million years, served up with a heaping of Sixties garage rock. Yabba dabba doo!  More