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Saturday, October 19th, 2019  
Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart and Admiral Radley on New Wave

Oct 01, 2010 By Aaron Espinoza Web Exclusive

So, I was an only child, with no older brothers or sisters to get me into stuff. The closest influence I had growing up in the mid ’80s was my best friend David’s older brother Matt.   More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Clinic’s Brian Campbell on The Young Ones

Sep 30, 2010 By Brian Campbell Web Exclusive

During my first year at high school, most of the other kids in our year were subjected to regular humiliating experiences by the older kids such as heads being flushed down the toilet, dinner money being taken from them, and other subtle forms of torture. My friend and I managed to escape such horrifying events due to our childhood obsession. We had an ace up our sleeve. We could recite verbatim full episodes of the TV show The Young Ones. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Plants and Animals’ Matthew Woodley on a-ha

Sep 27, 2010 By Mark Redfern

When I was 10, I sprouted a planter's wart deep in the heel of my left foot. Weight-bearing activities became painful. I had to go under the knife. So my mom took me to the hospital, and I sat upon a bed covered with loud paper while a nurse anesthetized my leg from the calf down, then a doctor dug in with a drill and removed my planter's wart. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite on The Jesus and Mary Chain

Sep 16, 2010 By Stuart Braithwaite Web Exclusive

The 1980s were fucking shit in Scotland. Our country was governed by a party that no one here elected who’s main objective was to defecate on us from a great height. The music that we were force-fed was anemic, bland constipated crap that sucked the very soul from your being. Even former gods like David Bowie were making records that sounded like they had been shat out of the anus of the bland monster. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Lawrence Arabia’s James Milne on Airwolf and Street Hawk

Sep 13, 2010 By James Milne Web Exclusive

On those aimless beautiful ’80s Friday evenings when I wasn’t left under the control of some dreaded babysitter, there was a genre of television show that never failed to stir the nagging martial passions of boyhood. Playing at the dangerous and exciting hour of 9:30 p.m., and coming with warnings of violence and requirements of parental guidance, this genre was the Man-Alone-Against-Formidable-Forces-of-Evil-Aided-Only-By-Unimaginably-Cool-Piece-of-Technology-(or-Remarkable-Skills-In-the-Employment-of-Regular-Household-Goods-to-Defeat-Aforementioned-Formidable-Forces)-Action-Show.


Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Elf Power’s Andrew Rieger on The Cult

Sep 10, 2010 By Andrew Rieger of Elf Power Web Exclusive

Growing up in the small town of Greenwood, S.C. in the 1980s, it was a challenge to seek out and discover strange and new music. The local radio stations played either Top 40 or classic rock, and the record store at the mall was stocked with the same. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor on The Joy of Sex

Sep 09, 2010 By Maria Taylor of Azure Ray

Ever since I can remember I have been an investigator. I always feel that people are “up to something” and can’t sleep at night until I get to the bottom of it. Sometimes I think it could be categorized as paranoia, but I like to attribute it to having good intuition and an understanding that all people are weird. Anyway, as a young girl my case studies were limited to mostly family; my parents to be more specific, as I pretty much had the mystery of my little brother and sister figured out. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Mystery Jets’ Blaine Harrison on Weezer

Sep 08, 2010 By Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets

Nostalgia is both a perilous and a wonderful thing. The past is a bottomless closet which we fill with things we miss and things we wish to bury forever. Its contents define who we are and why we are. Some things we romanticize over to the point of delusion. More

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Love Is All’s Josephine Olausson on Sports and Bands of Her Youth

Sep 03, 2010 By Josephine Olausson Web Exclusive

I have a feeling that as I child I was much more into the idea and aesthetic of something than the actual thing itself. I played football (or soccer, as you might know it) just to be able to wear knee-high socks and shin-guards. I think my favorite thing about horseback riding might have been wearing that rounded soft helmet and those impossible to get off boots. More