Jan 14, 2019 Web Exclusive

"I think we just got lost." Adam Thompson cannot pinpoint exactly what went wrong in the creation of his band's latest album, The More I Sleep the Less I Dream, except to say that, collectively, the four members of We Were Promised Jetpacks looked up and realized they were sonically lost. More

Jan 11, 2019 Web Exclusive

Three of the most important things in politics are timing, having a good story, and personality. And money. Money's super important! But money can't buy It. I don't know where It comes from but I've covered the Fettermans for a few years and whatever It is, they have It.  More

Jan 09, 2019

J Mascis has been showing off this different side for quite some time.

Jan 07, 2019 Web Exclusive

There's a title track for Peter Bjorn and John's new album, but you'll never hear itat least not now. More

Jan 03, 2019 Web Exclusive

The reasons for art needing the outlier are self-evident but one is worth mentioning when considering Spencer Krug's solo work. There is great potential in eccentricity. For over a decade of searching from within, and far outwith, under the guises of Sunset Rubdown and Moonface, Krug's personal departures have given definition to contours of the outer banks of his medium.  More

Dec 20, 2018 Web Exclusive

Professionally making music for close to 20 years, Matthew Dear has been to many different places. He's hitched plane rides all over the map and completed uncountable collaborations while maintaining a solo career. Basically, he's a militia man of the international electronic scene, producing whimsical music at a militaristic rate.  More

Dec 14, 2018 Web Exclusive

To end out the week, we ask Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club some questions about endings and death. Wright talks about how he'd like to die, what song he'd like performed at his funeral, his favorite endings to books and movies, his concepts of heaven and hell, and his unique plan for not dying. More

Dec 12, 2018 Issue #64 -  Kamasi Washington

With a career that spans three decades and four Academy Award nominations, Ethan Hawke is among the premiere names in film. First making his mark as a young actor in movies such as Dead Poet's SocietyReality Bites, and Before Sunrise, Hawke has remained one of the most consistent American actors, going on to win further acclaim for his roles in such works as GattacaTraining Day, and BoyhoodMore

Dec 07, 2018 Web Exclusive

To end out the week, we ask Anatole "Toto" Serret of Parcels some questions about endings and death.