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Apr 22, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Over the course of three albumseach arguably better than the lastAnnie Clark has established herself as one of indie rock's most reliably innovative acts. But as her strengths (dazzlingly ornate arrangements, intricately designed wordplay) have generally trended toward the cerebral, the literate, and the sophisticated, her music has never felt particularly dangerous. More

Apr 18, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

The year 2014 is ramping up to be a big one for Angel Olsen. February saw the release of Olsen's sophomore album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness, her first with the   Jagjaguwar label. More

Apr 18, 2014 Web Exclusive

In a sense, Fading Gigolo is a response to the films that stigmatize prostitution—which is to say, the vast majority of films showing people earning a living off sex. It’s often portrayed a last resort, a job for good-hearted individuals gone astray, or for seedy bit characters cast against a dark background. It comes as no surprise that writer/director John Turturro counts Nights of Cabiria as a favorite film: the Fellini classic treats the titular Cabiria as a human being capable of warmth and intelligence, even if society would rather treat her like a dog. Fading Gigolo operates under this spirit, but takes a light-hearted approach. More

Apr 16, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Sweden's I Break Horses broke out in 2011 when their debut, Hearts, was met with critical acclaim across Europe and North America. Within a year, singer Maria Lindén and collaborator Fredrik Balck were invited to support M83 on a tour across the United States. More

Apr 11, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Back in 1997 on their first-ever U.S. tour, in support of Pavement, Mogwai was anointed by no less an authority than Stephen Malkmus as "the first band of the 21st century." When reminded of this, their guitarist Stuart Braithwaite says with a laugh, "We're getting old! But that was a very nice thing for him to say."  More

Apr 10, 2014 Web Exclusive

When one thinks of Lydia Loveless, Fleetwood Mac isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The 20-something Ohio-born country punk has filled three albums with her own particular brand of Americana-laced rock and roll and, as her blistering live shows can attest, she doesn't exactly hew to the Stevie Nicks style of flowing gowns and mystic balladry. More

Apr 09, 2014 Web Exclusive

When it appeared in the spring of 1983, Aztec Camera's debut album, High Land, Hard Rain, was an acoustic-driven breath of fresh air. Led by teenaged singer/songwriter/guitarist Roddy Frame, the Scottish band offered a batch of memorable songs that deserved a broader audience than they reached at the time, from the infectious "Oblivious" and "Pillar to Post" to the introspective "The Bugle Sounds Again." More

Apr 08, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Warpaint vocalists/guitarists Theresa Wayman and Emily Kokal share a musical connection that dates back to when they met in choir class at the age of 11. The two friends, growing up in Eugene, Oregon, walked along the same route to school and would make up songs along the way. More

Apr 07, 2014 Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Pensive, languid melodies are the name of the game on Real Estate's third LP, Atlas. The band largely jettisons the influences of its New Jersey brethren Yo La Tengo and The Feelies throughout this soft-hewn album, instead nodding heavily to '80s Brit cult icons Felt. Frontman Martin Courtney concurs. More