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Monday, December 9th, 2019  
Neneh Cherry on “Broken Politics”

May 16, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

Three decades on from a brief brush with international fame; after her 1988 single "Buffalo Stance" became a transatlantic hit, Neneh Cherry lives an understated life.  More

TOY on “Happy in the Hollow”

May 15, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

It's been an eventful year and a half for TOY. Having reached the end of their three albums deal with Heavenly Recordings in 2017, they eventually parted ways at the back end of that year.  More

Deerhunter on “Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?”

May 14, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

Bradford Cox has never been one to sit on his laurels and wait for the next trend to come along. Always several steps ahead of the curve, his music has confounded expectations since the very first Deerhunter release almost a decade-and-a-half ago.  More

Stella Donnelly on “Beware of the Dogs”

May 10, 2019 Web Exclusive

Gathering her voice between intermittent coughing fits and sniffles, Stella Donnelly apologizes for being sick for the interview, wishing that she were more readily able to express herself.  More

Julia Jacklin on “Crushing”

May 09, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

After the release of her debut LP, 2016's Don't Let the Kids Win, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin didn't think she had any more songs left in her to write. More

Foals on “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1”

May 07, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

Wait four years for a new Foals album and then two come along at the same time. Almost. If 2015's What Went Down was the record that elevated the Oxford outfit to rock's major league, then the follow-up would undoubtedly provide a leg up to the next stratospheric level.  More

Amanda Palmer on “There Will Be No Intermission”

May 06, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

"Any piece of big artwork is always collaboration," Amanda Palmer readily admits. This would be a far less compelling admission if it weren't in reference to a work that is, by all standards of measurement, surely one of the most deeply personal and cathartically intimate albums to come out in recent memory, as well as being the most singularly anecdotal of any in her own career.  More

Piroshka on “Brickbat”

May 03, 2019 Issue #65 - Mitski and boygenius

In 2016, U.K. shoegaze four-piece Lush reformed, 18 years after the band's dissolution in the wake of the suicide of its beloved drummer, Chris Acland. The band, featuring original members Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, and Phil King, and with former Elastica drummer Justin Welch in place of Acland, released an EP, Blind Spot, toured the world, and generally basked in the excited response from critics and fans alike. More

My Firsts: SOAK

May 02, 2019 Web Exclusive

My Firsts is our email interview series where we ask musicians to tell us about their first life experiences, be it early childhood ones (first word, first concert, etc.) or their first tastes of being a musician (first band, first tour, etc.).  More