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Premiere: Ruler “Not Your Friend” Video

Feb 06, 2018

Ruler is the new project of Matt Batey (Rocky Votolato, Cataldo), recently signed with Barsuk Records. Built on the principle coming from poet Robert Frost that the best way out is through, Ruler's music is a deeply personal. Batey relaocated from Montana to Seattle twelve years ago and wrote numerous songs for bands, songs he says that nobody heard. But his creative drive could not be squelched and now Batey emerges on his own with music that will surely will be heard. Under the Radar has the video premiere for the new song "Not Your Friend" one that beautifully captures the emotive current of the pacific northwest indie sound. See and hear for yourself.

"I wanted to shoot something where the majority of the frame was out of focus." says Batey about the video. "I like the idea of making things that leave a lot of space for the viewer's mind to fill in their own details. Originally this shot was a test to see how that idea worked. When I watched it back I felt that it held the song well, so decided to leave it without edits or alterations."