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Maria Taylor

Premiere:  “Up All Night” Video

Nov 04, 2013

Maria Taylor recently released a new album called Something About Knowing via Saddle Creek.Given that we’re headed into the most festive time of year, the Alabama songstress has released an appropriately jovial video for album cut, “Up All Night.” In it, Taylor and her pals throw the world’s best seasonally themed pool party.

“I called one of my best friends, Alan Tanner, who is a great video director to direct this video,” says Taylor. “I wanted it to have humor and wanted my family and friends to be in it. Alan is the funniest guy i know and it had been a few years since we had worked together. It was also a good excuse to get him to Birmingham for an overdue hang! My mom. dad, sister, brother, husband, son, Alan himself, and other family and friends got together for a Christmas themed pool party. It was literally a 2 day party... lots of bud(weiser;) and lots of laughs!”