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Premiere: “Satellite Song” MP3

Sep 11, 2009

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We could easily play the influence game with the Austin, Texas indie rock foursome Wiretree. There are traces of Britpop's cool factor and The Shagri-Las' lilt and sway on the piano-tinkler "Satellite Song." Despite these tap roots, this quartet of misfit lovers craft pretty dang solid pop tunes, regardless of their touchstones. Now Wiretree's preparing the way for Luck, the follow-up to 2007's quietly disarming Bouldin. That's Luck's digitized water (read: abstract) cover to the right.

Kevin Peroni (guitar, keys, lead vox), Rachel Peroni (bass), Joshua Kaplan (guitar), Daniel Blanchard (drums) carve up some mean '60s-esque songs that bop to the beat of a lover's heart. Yet again, the band's self-releasing the melancholic tunes on their indie label, Cobaltworks Music. The tracklisting is below:


01 Across My Mind
02 Back in Town
03 Rail
04 Days Gone By
05 Falling
06 Information
07 Satellite Song
08 Luck
09 Heart of Hearts
10 Falling (demo)