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Wednesday, April 14th, 2021  

Premiere: Exit Kid Debut New Single “Munny”

Garden EP Out Now

Apr 14, 2021 Photography by Jono White
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London punks Exit Kid have been at it for a few years now, honing a potent cocktail of ‘90s alt rock, Britpop, and grunge. The duo of EmreTürkmen and Dylan Bell met during a US tour when Emre was still playing with the synth pop outfit Years & Years, sharing a love of raucous rock influences. It’s those exact influences, (Smashing Pumpkins, Blur, Pixies) that the band evoked on their 2020 EP Garden. Now the band have returned, sharing their first single of 2021, “Munny,” premiering with Under the Radar.

The band’s new track takes a more textured approach, languishing in thick atmospheres as the band frustratedly decries two-faced profiteers who spend their platform “talking Labour voting Tory.” The dense opening atmosphere gives way to a sneering anthem, as the marching rhythms and thunderous fuzz-laden guitars act as both a call to arms and as a form of cathartic protest. It’s short, direct, and biting in all the best ways.

The band says of the track, “‘Munny’ is an exhausted rant about the continued blurring of the lines between truth and lies. I felt compelled to vomit the words whilst watching the US election and the storming of the Capitol building. The profiteering from such things by the likes of our old chum Facebook is maddening but seems to me a time-honoured capitalist tradition. Most people talk a good game, but when the time comes vote for their own self-interest.” Check out the song below.

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