Inside the Mind of Leonardo

Studio: Submarine Deluxe/History Films
Directed by Julian Jones

Dec 18, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

It’s easy to imagine that history’s foremost polymath would have been perfectly tickled to see his life dissected nearly 400 years after his death as a 3D movie. More

A Small Section of the World

Studio: FilmBuff
Directed by Lesley Chilcott

Dec 17, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

A Small Section of the World gives voice to a hand-full of women who broke into the coffee industry in the 1990s. More

Happy Valley

Studio: Music Box Films
Directed by Amir Bar-Lev

Dec 15, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

During the Jerry Sandusky trial, a protestor held a sign with the following quote directed against Penn State: “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” More

Inherent Vice

Studio: Warner Bros.
Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Dec 12, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The permeating bizarreness here isn't unlike Anderson's Punch Drunk Love, but fails to be a virtue for Inherent Vice. More

The Color Of Time

Studio: Starz
Various Filmmakers

Dec 11, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Color of Time seamlessly weaves together the work of 12 different writer/directors, all NYU film students. More

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Studio: 20th Century Fox
Directed by Ridley Scott

Dec 10, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The fourth film in Ridley Scott’s loose series of historical epics, Exodus: Gods and Kings brings his brand of epic grittiness to the biblical story of Moses. More

The Last Impresario

Studio: FilmBuff
Directed by Gracie Otto

Dec 09, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Last Impresario is unfortunately a fine example of a documentary that reveals a natural path in its subject but decides to avoid it. More

Murder of a Cat

Studio: Gravitas Ventures
Directed by Gillian Greene

Dec 08, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Murder of a Cat takes a classic noire-esque murder mystery to an absurdly banal suburban setting. More

Zero Motivation

Studio: Zeitgeist Films
Directed by Talya Lavie

Dec 05, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Israeli military comedy Zero Motivation follows a group of young, female soldiers serving out their nation’s mandatory two years of service within the administrative department of a quiet, regional base. More