Life Of Crime

Studio: Roadside Attractions
Directed by Daniel Schechter

Aug 28, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Life Of Crime is a pleasant enough movie—but “pleasant” probably isn’t the primary adjective you should want to describe an Elmore Leonard adaptation. More

The Damned

Studio: IFC Midnight
Directed by Víctor García

Aug 27, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Each year there are a couple standouts in the horror genre, but director Víctor García’s The Damned is not one of 2014’s pleasant surprises. More

The Last Of Robin Hood

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Directed by Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer

Aug 26, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Errol Flynn’s final days get the biopic treatment in The Last of Robin Hood, where Kevin Kline plays the late actor with loads of slimy charm. More

May In The Summer

Studio: Cohen Media Group
Directed by Cherien Dabis

Aug 25, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

May in the Summer has all the hallmarks of a dysfunctional, pre-nuptial family gathering, but unfortunately lacks the emotional depth for a satisfying resolution. More

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Studio: Dimension Films
Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Aug 22, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

If the ten-year gap provided anything, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For can be easily separated from the original. More

Dinosaur 13

Studio: Lionsgate
Directed by Todd Douglas Miller

Aug 22, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Dinosaur 13 is a David and Goliath tale of a small group of scientists thrust into the center of a national debate over proprietorship, as well as right versus wrong. More

The One I Love

Studio: Radius-TWC
Directed by Charlie McDowell

Aug 21, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The One I Love is a romantic comedy with a sharp, sci-fi bent; it manages to be both funny and cerebral. More


Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Directed by Lenny Abrahamson

Aug 20, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

Michael Fassbender gives one of his most fun performances in this black comedy—all with his face covered. More

To Be Takei

Studio: Starz Digital Media
Directed by Bill Weber and Jennifer M. Krott

Aug 19, 2014 Cinema Web Exclusive

The documentary To Be Takei serves to add considerable dimension to the man best known by many as Hikaru Sulu from Star Trek. An utterly charming presence, Takei speaks candidly about various issues in his life that he eventually managed to not only work through but to discuss publicly and sometimes address creatively. More