Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Max Winkler

Mar 15, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Anyone walking into Flower expecting the indie comedy advertised in its trailers will get a bit more than they bargained for.  More

Dear Dictator

Studio: Cinedigm
Directed by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse

Mar 14, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Dear Dictator has a bad habit of taking its nutty idea and approaching it in the least interesting ways possible.  More

The Young Karl Marx

Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Raoul Peck

Feb 23, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro) takes us back to the humble and complicated beginnings of Marx as a brash, young revolutionary. More

The Lodgers

Studio: Epic Pictures
Directed by Brian O'Malley

Feb 23, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Lodgers leans heavily on its creepy atmosphere. More


Studio: Paramount Pictures
Directed by Alex Garland

Feb 22, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Despite so many obvious analogs, Annihilation also feels wholly its own thing.  More

Golden Exits

Studio: Sony Pictures and Vertical Entertainment
Directed by Alex Ross Perry

Feb 14, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Golden Exits is a film about boring, contemplative, duplicitous people who are miserable with their lots in life. More

The Ritual

Studio: Netflix
Directed by David Bruckner

Feb 09, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Rarely does a film open with such effecting and visceral violence quite like The RitualMore

When We First Met

Studio: Netflix
Directed by Ari Sandel

Feb 08, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

When We First Met manages to playfully subvert audience expectations. More

Phantom Thread

Studio: Focus Features
Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Dec 29, 2017 Cinema Web Exclusive

When a film pirouettes from the screen to kiss your cheek, you almost don’t notice until you’ve already surrendered to its persuasions. More