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Wednesday, April 14th, 2021  

The Inheritance [Ann Arbor 2021]

Directed by Ephraim Asili

Mar 29, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

Ephraim Asili’s debut feature centers around the lives of a Black Socialist collective in Philadelphia.


Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free

Directed by Mary Wharton

Mar 24, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

The 90-minute documentary focuses on Petty’s recording sessions for his favorite album – and one of his most acclaimed pieces of work – 1994’s Wildflowers, its release, and the tour that followed.


The Oxy Kingpins

Studio: TYT Productions
Directed by Brendan Fitzgerald

Mar 22, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Oxy Kingpins is an analytical and nuanced look at the opioid epidemic in the United States in the past two decades.


The Lost Sons [SXSW 2021]

Studio: CNN Films
Directed by Ursula Macfarlane

Mar 19, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Lost Sons is a documentary that is also a heartbreaking account of an investigation on a lost infant.


Violation [SXSW 2021]

Studio: Shudder
Directed by Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli

Mar 18, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

Violation is an unflinching and disturbing thriller about assault, trauma, and revenge.


Disintegration Loops [SXSW 2021]

Studio: Cinema 59 Productions
Directed by David Wexler

Mar 17, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

David Wexler’s short documentary, Disintegration Loops, explores the work and legacy of composer and experimental musician William Basinski.


Lost Course

Studio: Icarus Films
Directed by Jill Li

Mar 15, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

An angry mob of mainland Chinese citizens chants about injustice and corrupt officials.


The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien

Studio: Gravitas Ventures
Directed by Aaron Matthews

Mar 02, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

Trying to show the essence of a man who fought for his country during one of the world’s most controversial conflicts at a time of immense change, who then went onto become a National Book Award-winning author and lastly, a father in less than 90 minutes is admirable, but perhaps destined to fail.


The Father

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Directed by Florian Zeller

Feb 26, 2021 Cinema Web Exclusive

A performance rivaling any in Hopkins’ career.