Nov 24, 2015 Live

For the first night, I took it easy. Well, easyish. Along the way I learned that I’m late to the party on an indie darling, that Germans know how to rock, heartache still sells, and the Dutch are crazy y’all. Let’s blurb it out. More

Nov 17, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

The hackneyed phrase often lobbed at slow, subtly evolving music is that listening to it is akin to watching paint dry; absorbing Yo La Tengo's largely acoustic performance at the Vic Theatre, then, was more like trying to lap up every last droplet of an ice cream cone melting all too rapidly.  More

Nov 15, 2015 Live

I spent my afternoon on a tour, during which a sweater-clad tour guide insisted that we all have a beer and took us to the Whales of Iceland museum to meet the mayor of Reykjavik.  More

Nov 14, 2015 Live

I can’t count the number of people who, upon hearing I was going to Iceland Airwaves, cracked some joke about saying hello to Björk and Sigur Ros.  More

Oct 23, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

My daughter Rose is just a little over two and a half years old, but she's already the veteran of three SXSWs. Granted, she was only two and a half months old when she first attended the Austin music conference and spent most of the time in a hotel room with her grandmother, but in her second and third SXSW adventures she did witness a bit of live music at Under the Radar's SXSW parties.  More

Sep 22, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

On Saturday night in a local North Philly sports bar, all hell broke loose. The hell in question was Michigan hillbilly hardcore five-piece The Goddamn Gallows.  More

Sep 19, 2015 Live

I left my house in Los Angeles at 4:30am and ended up listening to punk at The Unrefined Olive in Ottawa, Ontario at midnight. Welcome to Canada, where reality has gone a bit pear-shaped. More