Jun 23, 2015 Live

Last weekend, the third edition of Best Kept Secret went down in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands at the Beekse Bergen wild animal park.  More

Jun 01, 2015 Live

It would be more accurate if NYC Pop Fest were called NYC Guitar Pop Fest but that would be kind of dry and tedious and wouldn't suit the four day celebration at all. More

May 26, 2015 Live

Chicano Batman started their Brooklyn Bowl date with a loping instrumental number, guitars strapped high, matching bow ties slightly but increasingly askew, matching ruffled tuxedo shirts on point, sleeves rolled up to the elbows. More

May 18, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

Touring poses something of a dilemma for all introverted studio wizards. How exactly does one translate intensely personal visions to stage when capturing them on record is already difficult enough? Over the years, plenty of inward-looking legends have chosen to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with live music by simply opting out of performing altogether. More

May 08, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

For at least a decade, I've utilized overcast days as an excuse to indulge myself with the strain of fashionably alienated guitar pop that germinated in the U.K. during the mid-'80s.  More

Apr 03, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

For almost a decade now Under the Radar has been hosting unofficial day parties at the annual SXSW music conference and festival in Austin, Texas. More

Apr 02, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

Even though she is only just over two years old, this was the third SXSW for my daughter Rose (she first attended as a two-and-a-half-month-old, spending most of the time in the hotel room with my wife Wendy's mother). More

Apr 02, 2015 Live

Sure music is right in the name. And sure Tallinn Music Week hosted 206 artists from over 25 countries. But to simply call the event a music festival is to miss the point completely. More

Mar 30, 2015 Live Web Exclusive

"We played a show at 7'oclock this morning, which is entirely too early to be playing a rock 'n' roll concert," said Matthew E. White. The Richmond, VA-based singer/songwriter/guitarist was up on stage at the Flamingo Cantina, for a second-on-the-bill 12:45 PM set at Under the Radar's SXSW day party.  More