Nov 02, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

Earlier this year, Iggy Pop said that Mitski Miyawaki, known more commonly by just her first name, is "probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know." Most people would take such a comment as hyperbole, even if the artist in question is someone that they like.  More

Oct 30, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

Phil Collins last played Philadelphia 14 years ago. On this night, he returned a conquering hero.


Oct 10, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

Putting AlvvaysSnail Mail, and Hatchie on the same bill is like asking that Twitter-viral bot (okay, it's clearly not a bot) that keeps pumping out the world's most hilarious scripts for Olive Garden commercials and Donald Trump rallies to spend 10,000 hours in the college rock sphere and create a dream lineup of its own.  More

Sep 17, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

As I approached the House of Vans, my eyes were met with what had become a familiar neighborhood scene in Greenpoint, Brooklyn over the past eight years-hordes of young, fashionable New Yorkers assembled outside the doors of 25 Franklin Street in long queues that winded and wrapped around the block in serpentine like fashion. But tonight would be the last time.  More

Aug 30, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

There is nothing on stage at the Shrine Auditorium that indicates a rock show will be taking place-not even an art rock show. The entirely bare stage is lined on three sides by silvery grey beaded curtains. These shimmer like raindrops, receding into the background when necessary and becoming part of the performance the rest of the time. More

Aug 21, 2018 Live Web Exclusive

The saturation of the European festival market is such that you might think that every potential money-spinning niche has long since been plundered, from increasingly mainstream-aping line-ups to calculated focuses on non-musical elements, from cuisine to comedy to fashion.  More

Aug 03, 2018 Live

Over the last decade, Chicago’s Lollapalooza has morphed from what was originally a touring festival, into the sprawling four-day destination in Grant Park. As its borders extend to include editions around the world, such as Germany, Chile, and Paris, one stage has drawn the most sought after artists, even though it holds just over 1,000 people: Metro Chicago.  More

Aug 02, 2018 Live

In this corner of the country they like to say, "the South will rise again." Though probably not in the context of the phrase's original intention, Sloss Music & Arts Festival in Birmingham, AL went into day two of its weekend run with a heart full of good intentions and optimism. More