Nov 17, 2014 Live

alt-J, the English indie wunderkinds who burst on the scene in 2012 winning the Mercury Prize for their first album, An Awesome Wave, hit NYC on their current tour supporting their sophomore effort last evening. More

Oct 27, 2014 Live

Apogee Studios in Santa Monica. 200 people. Jenny Lewis. KCRW. And us. More

Oct 08, 2014 Live

Some people age well—“successful agers” as they say. After 66 years and over 18 million albums sold, a bit of wear and tear is to be expected. And a “bit” is all that Jackson Browne shows.  More

Sep 17, 2014 Live

Last weekend, The Simpsons took over the Hollywood Bowl, transforming the iconic Los Angeles venue into Springfield—whatever state it might be in.  More

Aug 26, 2014 Live Web Exclusive

Kudos to the FYF organizers for mobilizing like a Rapid Response Unit. In response to the problems of Day One, they've instituted changes overnight. The entrance lines are shorter and attendees were reportedly given free water by way of apology for the long wait on Saturday. The price of water has been cut from $3 to $2. And the balconies inside the Los Angeles Sports Arena have been opened up to accommodate those unable to access the indoor shows for lack of room. More

Aug 26, 2014 Live

Arcade Fire is sometimes accused of being a bit too cerebral and serious. More

Aug 25, 2014 Live Web Exclusive

Los Angelenos are accustomed to traffic, but not the foot kind. All the bread lines in communist Russia can't compare to the queue clogging up the sidewalk perimeter of Exposition Park at the start of the 11th annual FYF Festival. (Keen observation by Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker: "'FYF festival' is a little redundant isn't it, like 'ATM machine.'") More

Aug 21, 2014 Live Web Exclusive

The second of two very sold out shows at New York City's Beacon Theater showed just why Tori Amos has been hailed as one of the world's best live performers for two decades. More