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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020  

New Order: Decades

Showtime, Friday, December 27 at 7:30/6:30 Central

Dec 27, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

Decades, the latest documentary in the few made about New Order and Joy Division, didn't need to be made, mainly because it suffers from identity crisis. More

Duran Duran: There’s Something You Should Know

Showtime, Friday, December 27 at 9/8 Central

Dec 27, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

Duran Duran: five fellows who looked like they were in a boy band and wrote effortless pop songs, yet were formidable musicians, eventually earning high-level credibility. More

Back to Life

(Showtime, Sundays at 10 p.m.)

Nov 08, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

The residents of the small town of Hythe don't believe in the concept of "paid her debt to society." This is what Miri Matteson (Daisy Haggard), the main protagonist in Back to Life finds out very quickly upon her release from an 18-year sentence in prison.  More


FOX, Wednesdays at 9/8 Central

Aug 07, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

The true genius of Beverly Hills, 90210 is not appreciated until you look back at it through an almost three-decade lens. The breakout show, which made a destination out of a zip code and instant superstars out of its eye candy cast, was gagging for a reboot. More

Jul 20, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

As it turns out, you can go home again. This is what Veronica Mars has done, the titular character of the cult television show that ran for three seasons starting in 2004. More


Showtime, Friday July 12 at 9 p.m.

Jul 12, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

Rick Rubin's career is so eclectic, so influential, so mind-blowingly successful, it's difficult to wrap your head around the fact that it belongs to just one person. It's fitting that the Showtime four-part docu-series Shangri-La is shot primarily at Rubin's mythical studio of the same name.  More

Leaving Neverland

(HBO, Sunday March 3 and Monday March 4)

Mar 03, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

Leaving Neverland, a sprawling account of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson, was set for controversy from the moment it premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival.   More

Jan 25, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

The Good Place mastered the art of the season finale ages ago. "Pandemonium," its third season finale, nevertheless ups the show's ante. It is unilaterally the show's most heartbreaking episode to date. More

Jan 17, 2019 TV Web Exclusive

One of The Good Place's defining features is that its frequent setting and plot changes don't derail its poignancy and believability. "Chidi Sees the Time-Knife," the series' newest episode, deviates from this trend. More