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Leah Remini

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

Published by Ballantine

Dec 22, 2015 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

In 2013, actress Leah Remini, famous for her role as Carrie Heffernan on television sitcom The King of Queens and a once-avowed Scientologist, very publicly left the church. Remini had been a very high profile member of the Church of Scientology, having practiced since she was a child and for a time maintaining friendships with other high-powered stars in the church. She even attended Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes.

But Remini's fallout with the church was a big one, and in Troublemaker she pulls no punches. For those who might fear that Troublemaker is a surface telling of a Hollywood life with cursory examination of Scientology, know that this is far from the truth. Most of Troublemaker deals with Remini's history with the church and her struggle to break away. Yes, she discusses her acting roles and there are a few anecdotes regarding famous friends, but Troublemaker is a Scientology-centered memoir.

In frank and readable style, Remini discusses her indoctrination to the church's beliefs. She's put through rigorous training and faced questionable disciplinary measures. She spends a great deal of money to the church. She makes some influential friends. However, along the way, she comes to her senses. Practices seem increasingly strange to her and the lack of answers she is able to get from church officials, especially in regard to the whereabouts of leader David Miscavige's wife, eventually come to a breaking point, and Remini summons all the courage she can muster to leave. Which also sadly means disconnecting from the people she knew in the church, which represented the lion's share of her social and familial circle.

Troublemaker is a brave book. It is candid. Remini does not hold back, although one sense that the depth of her knowledge vastly exceeds what she's able to include here. Also worth noting is that Remini's personality, the one she so deftly and hilariously presented on The King of Queens, leaps off the page throughout her book. Troublemaker is not dry. It's not self-serious, even though, given the subject matter, it might have the right to be. It's engaging from the first page to the end. Even if one wasn't before, one becomes invested in Remini's story. Which makes things all the more satisfying when, in the end, she finds herself able to be free.


Author rating: 7/10

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December 23rd 2015

Go, Leah. I think that you are brave, too. Enjoy life. Leave that cult behind. They’re truly evil.

January 2nd 2016

How does this constitute being a “survivor”.

Is Leah Remini really putting herself in league with war veterans, POW’s, cancer victims, and victims of terrorist attacks and natural disasters?

Just one more SHAMEFULLY sensationalist grab for attention at the expense of millions of honest Scientologists.

January 4th 2016

Oh Van,
Your intent is so transparent and your criticism has been carefully worded the EXACT same way as ALL of the scientologists spoke people who have attacked Leah for telling her story. It is HER story to tell. Your not allowed to read it, or watch, read or hear ANYTHING negative or critical of Scientology. For you, I am sorry & truly hope you will one day wake up after the cult has taken all your money, your freedom and critical thinking skills- that you may find the courage to break free. Scanning the Internet for commentary on Scientology stories will become too big of a job as all the dirty secrets are coming out. Oh and by the way there is not ” millions” of scientologists. Do you believe EVERYTHING they tell you? Your spiritual journey is yours and no one can hold it over your head.  People are blowing at an ever increasing rate, over the constant regging, disconnections, inhumane punishments and treatment of the sick or old. You too will become useless to the COS and will off-loaded when you can no longer be of use. I wish you well and lots of luck because your going to need it.

January 5th 2016


You are such a dupe. I don’t have any requirement to say or believe anything. On the contrary, you’ll believe any piece of sensationalist or outrageous accusation you see in the media.

Simply apply a modicum of critical though - just the TINIEST bit -

Is Leah really “brave”? Is she really a “survivor”? Is she actually at “risk”?

No. Any honest observer can plainly see that the Church’s policy for MANY years now - decades - has been to IGNORE anti-scientology behavior.

There is no danger, there are no midnight escapades, there is no secret death crew stalking her family from the shadows. It’s all fantasy played up for the sake of selling media.

January 5th 2016

Van.. Its called GOOGLE!
Try Paulette Cooper, the largest infiltration of the US government in history. “Operation Freakout”
Or Lisa McPherson… Find out for yourself, many have died, been stalked , harrassed, or Jenna Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige… Nice try, too bad your not allowed to read about what really goes on in that insidious commercial enterprise masquerading as a church. No reply needed, go look for yourself IF YOU DARE

January 5th 2016

I’m more than a year ahead of you Cookie.

You’ve been brainwashed by the anti-Scientology money-mill. I could name 10 of your beliefs about Scientology without blinking. If I got one wrong, it would only mean that you haven’t been a loyal enough follower.

I already got one right and I haven’t even started.

“You believe that all Scientologists are under the influence of the Church of Scientology”

Let me know when that Cognitive Dissonance starts kicking in

January 12th 2016

“There is no danger, there are no midnight escapades, there is no secret death crew stalking her family from the shadows. It’s all fantasy played up for the sake of selling media.”

Rofl, then why are the Squirrel Buster stalking Marty Rathbun in Texas? Why are you Scientology OSA people stalking Leah on the internet? You are the poster child for cognitive dissonance.