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Tuesday, March 28th, 2023  


Nov 17, 2021

Welcome to Why Not Both Wednesdays. Every week, in partnership with Why Not Both podcast, we’ll be presenting new podcast episodes that explore how multiple passions inform the inspiring lives of musicians, writers, actors, and creatives. This week, They Might Be Giants does it all. More

Apr 28, 2014

Narrowing down 150 entries to 16 finalists, They Might Be Giants have unveiled three fan-made music videos for their 2004 single “Am I Awake?” More

Mar 28, 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to assume life was free of absurdity and totally norm—Oh hi They Might Be Giants! We didn’t see you there! More

News Roundup: Meg White, The Charlatans, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Glastonbury, and more

Also Beastie Boys, Michael Moore, Ewan McGregor, Doctor Who, and They Might Be Giants

May 27, 2009

Our News Roundup briefly reports on various entertainment news stories that are circulating the web: Glastonbury lineup announced, Beastie Boys name new album, They Might Be Giants sponor little league teams, Meg White gets married, Gonzales breaks a world record, The Charlatans announce a U.S. tour, Ewan McGregor is against a Trainspotting sequel, Michael Moore’s new documentary on the economic crisis gets a release date, Buffy the Vampire Slayer might be rebooted as a new movie without Joss Whedon or the TV cast, and Doctor Who‘s David Tennant is set to play The Doctor two more bonus times. More


Oct 25, 2021

John Linnell, co-founder for the Grammy Award-winning alternative rock group, They Might Be Giants, knows that process is as important as product, if not more so. More

They Might Be Giants

Rocker Invents New Type of Run-on Sentence; Scientists Baffled

Nov 07, 2002

Believe it or not, They Might Be Giants have been creating music for over twenty years. More


Jan 15, 2023

They Might Be Giants commemorated the the thirtieth anniversary of ‘Flood’ in fine style. More

Jul 22, 2011

For all the reductive adjectives typically used to describe They Might Be Giants—“quirky,” “weird,” etc.—their songs are always rooted in their own realities. A drum-playing worm sounds perfectly normal when described by John Linnell, and why wouldn’t The Replacements have a song called “We’re The Replacements?” More

Sep 28, 2009

For those of us that fell in love with They Might Be Giants as children (circa 1990’s Flood), the duo served as our first introduction to alternative music. Sure, Pearl Jam and others got tagged as alternative, but those of us who spent hours laying in bed poring over those bizarre lyrics and listening to the tapes over and overif you’re one of us, you know who you arehad our own little secret about what alternative music really was. More