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Monday, September 26th, 2022  
Lana Del Rey — Reflecting on the 10th Anniversary of “Born to Die”

Jan 27, 2022 By Austin Saalman

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the prospect of an alternate America nurtured an offshoot of modern youth, estranged, through crystalline fantasies of virtue and discovery, from an era of continued cultural decadence. The present was slow, the future bleak, and a romanticized, misty past held inevitable allure. More

Sundance 2022: Ten Films We Can’t Wait To See

Jan 23, 2022 By Kaveh Jalinous Web Exclusive

Picking just ten films was an extraordinarily difficult task, but here are the films that we are most excited to see at this year’s Sundance. More

Meat Loaf, 1947-2022

Jan 21, 2022 By Austin Trunick

Meat Loaf, the legendary singer and actor who made his mark in the 1970s, passed away last night at age 74. His 1977 album Bat Out of Hell remains one of the best selling records of all time. As an actor, he had memorable performances in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fight Club, Wayne’s World, Leap of Faith, Focus, and more. His death was reported via an official post on his Facebook page. More

Linda Ronstadt – Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of Her Self-Titled Third Album

Jan 21, 2022 By Austin Saalman

Steeped in its region of origin’s booming counterculture, Linda Ronstadt’s vastly underrated eponymous third solo album possesses an irresistibly down-home sound, amplified by the presence of her up-and-coming peers, rendering it a foundational recording of its genre. Although the album’s commercial failure prompted Ronstadt’s departure from Capitol, Linda Ronstadt is a remarkable release, its solid musicianship and twangy charm having helped set an early stage for the emergent country rock subgenre soon to take American radio by storm, perfecting the timeless postcard notion of a breezily romantic ’70s Los Angeles for a nation yet beguiled by its hazy mythology. More

Glory and Gore: One Year with Joe Biden

Jan 20, 2022 By Steve King

What a year it’s been, right?! More like a lost year. What do you call stasis when you’re still inside of it? Since the onset of the pandemic we have been forced to mark the passage of time differently. Can this whole thing even be measured so close in proximity to the crisis? We are not in the normal swing of things. More

Jackson Browne – Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of His Eponymous Debut

Jan 13, 2022 By Austin Saalman

Upon signing to David Geffen’s newly-founded Asylum label in 1971, young wanderer Jackson Browne, then a worldly twentysomething hippie balladeer from Orange County, helped to set into motion a sonic revolution, which would generate a fresh, distinctly American sound synonymous with Southern California. More

47 Years Later, Jackson Browne’s 1974 Masterwork is Added to the National Recording Registry

Dec 27, 2021 By Austin Saalman

From the opening note of Jackson Browne’s third album, the fresh weight upon the narrow shoulders of the formerly easygoing, freedom seeking young songwriter becomes evident. More

Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of Vanilla Sky

Dec 24, 2021 By Austin Saalman

Adapted from the 1997 Spanish film Open Your Eyes, director Cameron Crowe’s sweeping 2001 psychosexual science fiction thriller is a tender exploration of the complex mystery that is human desire and the inevitability of its consequences. Crowe’s second outing with leading man Tom Cruise found the duo surpassing the likes of Jerry Maguire, delivering a tour de force that is intriguing, intelligent, and often touching. More

Audrey Kang of Lightning Bug on Kites

Dec 23, 2021 By Audrey Kang

Brooklyn-based shoegaze band Lightning Bug released their latest album, A Color of the Sky, back in June via Fat Possum. In a press release, frontwoman Audrey Kang summed up the album: “I want listeners to explore their own interior worlds. It’s about learning to trust yourself, about being deeply honest with yourself, and about how self-acceptance yields a selfless form of love.” In this guest blog post for Under the Radar, Kang is now sharing the vital life lessons she has learned through flying kites with her friends. More