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Thursday, June 8th, 2023  
Succession’s Heirs: Touch Me Gently

May 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

Succession’s characters often reveal more with their body language than with anything they say. When the siblings gingerly reach out to one another – wary of betrayal, but desperate for validation—their odd gestures convey multitudes. More

The End: Elizabeth Stokes of The Beths

May 26, 2023

To conclude the week, we ask Elizabeth Stokes of The Beths some questions about endings and death. More

The Last Dinner Party on Comparisons, Hype, and Their Debut Single “Nothing Matters”

May 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

Picture this: An emerging band creates a collection of exceptional songs that quickly capture the attention of industry professionals. Soon, offers start rolling in, and after securing management and a record deal, the label, who have undoubtedly recognized the band’s enormous potential, begin the process of supporting their development in order to help them achieve that potential. More

K.Flay on “Raw Raw” and Her Return to the Stage

May 10, 2023

Kristine Flaherty entered last year with the release of her fourth full-length record as K.Flay, Inside Voices/Outside Voices, combining her two latest EPs. Flaherty spent much of the year on the go, touring and prepping new music before she was met with an unexpected seismic shift that fall. She had completely lost all hearing in her right ear due to a fluke viral infection. More

Anna Camp Explores New Territory in “From Black”

May 04, 2023 Web Exclusive

Anna Camp discusses the exhilarating challenges of making her new film, From Black. More

Tanlines on “The Big Mess”

May 01, 2023 Web Exclusive

In the eight years since Tanlines last released an album, singer/guitarist Eric Emm and percussionist Jesse Cohen hit their 40s, became dads, and went their separate ways—sort of. More

Composer Nathan Halpern on ‘Emily The Criminal’

Apr 29, 2023 Web Exclusive

We spoke with film and TV composer Nathan Halpern about his latest project, ‘Emily the Criminal.’ More

The End: Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids

Apr 28, 2023 Issue #71 - Weyes Blood and Black Belt Eagle Scout

To end the week, we ask Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids some questions about endings and death. More

Bria on “Cuntry Covers Vol. 2”

Apr 26, 2023 Web Exclusive

Bria Salmena and her collaborator, Duncan Hay Jennings, are not country musicians. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you saw them playing in Orville Peck’s band, decked out in cowboy hats and sequins, and also since Bria’s solo outing (and its new followup) consists of six country covers, filtered through Bria’s brassy voice and post-punk context. More