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Friday, December 3rd, 2021  


Squid on “Bright Green Field” and How They Got Their Name

Nov 15, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

Squid want you to know that they’re nice people, really. Despite the shouting lyrics, the sharp guitars, and the take-down of the flawed facets of our modern lives, the English five-piece are genuinely lovely people. And they have something to say. On their debut album, Bright Green Field, the group take aim at city life and dive deeper into their Krautrock and jazz affinities, with an influence from sci-fi books. More

Type Two Error reveal latest single “Echoes”

Nov 10, 2021 Web Exclusive

Former Cooper Temple Clause members Ben Gautrey and Kieran Mahon tell us about their latest project. More

Lael Neale on “Acquainted With Night”

Nov 08, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

It’s not every day that a musician’s choice of instrument forever changes their trajectory. And here we are speaking of things more granular than Dylan going electric. Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo borrowed a studio mate’s Ace-Tone organ for their Painful album and that kept them from ending up just another indie guitar band. Recent Sub Pop signee Lael Neale likewise borrowed a friend’s vintage Suzuki Omnichord and avoids the trap of becoming just another folk singer. Of course writing some killer songs doesn’t hurt either. More

Indigo De Souza on “Any Shape You Take”

Sep 10, 2021 Web Exclusive

“It’s been crazy,” laughs North Carolina singer/songwriter Indigo De Souza, regarding the critical acclaim for her second album Any Shape You Take. “It’s also the busiest I’ve ever been in my life.” More

Ela Minus on “acts of rebellion”

Sep 08, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

When applied to a Japanese fighting game character, a punch is never just a punch. It becomes “Megaton Justice Fist” or something along those lines. Just looking at Ela Minus’ grid of synths, sequencers, and drum machines inspires a similar kind of purple prose. More

Wet Leg on Their Debut Single “Chaise Longue”

Aug 30, 2021

The Isle of Wight, located in the English Channel just a few miles off the south coast of the UK, has certainly been punching above its weight, musically speaking of late. Post-punk duo Wet Leg is the latest buzz band to emerge from the Isle, comprising of friends Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers. They’ve also recently signed to Domino Records and released their debut single “Chaise Longue” to universal acclaim. More

Roxanne de Bastion

Aug 21, 2021 Web Exclusive

Meet Roxanne de Bastion, the London-based singer/songwriter who’s about to release one of 2021’s most distinguished albums with You & Me, We Are The Same. More

Settima Tacca on “Wondrous Feelings of Ages Long Gone” and Piecing Things Together

Aug 16, 2021 Web Exclusive

Apollinariya Kaspars has just self-released Wondrous Feelings of Ages Long Gone, her first album as Settima Tacca, but her initial introduction to performing music was less than wondrous. More

Marinero on “Hella Love” and His Musical Journey

Jul 02, 2021 Web Exclusive

In spite of his recent signing to Sub Pop imprint Hardly Art and relocation to Los Angeles, it’s hard to view Jess Sylvester as a newcomer in any sense of the word. Sylvester records music under the Marinero (Spanish for “sailor”) moniker as a tribute to his father and his own Marin County upbringing. More