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Friday, March 1st, 2024  

Feb 19, 2024 Books

In Adventures in Modern Recording, Trevor Horn chronicles his rise and time on top as one of the most in demand producers of the 1980s and beyond.


Feb 12, 2024 Books

How to Protect Bookstores and Why makes a case for why independent bookstores deserve support and why such support is absolutely necessary to a progressive culture that supports the arts, the people, and the communities in which they reside.


Muriel Barbery

One Hour of Fervor

Published by Europa Editions

Feb 05, 2024 Books

In this beautifully written novel, filled with wondrous image-filled prose, Muriel Barbery explores themes of love, of longing, of life, death, and what it means to continue on.


Matt Pryor

Red Letter Days

Published by WashedUp Books

Feb 02, 2024 Books

Matt Pryor is the frontman for the band The Get Up Kids. Red Letter Days is his memoir, of sorts.


Patrick Jones

Inviting The Light

Published by Self-Published

Jan 29, 2024 Books

Inviting The Light is the latest offering from Welsh poet and playwright Patrick Jones, written in response to the death of his parents.


Tariq Trotter

The Upcycled Self

Published by One World

Jan 16, 2024 Books

The Upcycled Self finds Roots frontman Tariq Trotter recounting his hardscrabble Philadelphia upbringing until around the time The Roots began.


Jan 08, 2024 Books

Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin’s The Greatest Band That Ever Wasn’t is wonderfully insightful, terrifically informative, and a true joy to read.


Savyon Liebrecht

The Bridesman

Published by Europa Editions

Jan 05, 2024 Books

When Israeli expat Micha receives summons from his aunt, he travels home with the intention of writing his aunt’s life story. What he finds is truth that reveals so much about family, time, and the secrets therein.


Dec 18, 2023 Books

The Sterns Are Listening, the debut novel by poet Jonathan Wells, takes on parallel stories involving one complicated New York family, and the result is a triumph.