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Saturday, September 30th, 2023  

Ben Apatoff

Body Count

Published by Bloomsbury

Sep 15, 2023 Books

In the 117th volume of Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 pocket-sized album examinations, writer Ben Apatoff takes on Body Count’s infamous 1992 debut.


Will Sergeant


Published by Constable

Sep 06, 2023 Books Web Exclusive

Will Sergeant’s new book “Echoes” documents the making and subsequent touring of Echo and the Bunnymen’s first two albums.


Ruth Madievsky

All-Night Pharmacy

Published by Catapult

Sep 05, 2023 Books

All-Night Pharmacy follows the story of a young woman who is entangled in a life of drugs, partying, and risky pursuits with her older sister, until a violent event changes the course of her life.


Aug 28, 2023 Books

Jonathan Scott’s Into the Groove tells the story of the vinyl record, from humans’ first inclination to try to record sound up to the resurgence of the LP in the 2000s.


Aug 07, 2023 Books

Scott Blackwood’s The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, subtitled A Great Migration Story 1917-1932, chronicles the history of Paramount Records, the first major record company to explode in the United States, focusing on largely blues, jazz, and folk music.


Steve Turner

Mud Ride

Published by Chronicle Prism

Jul 28, 2023 Books

With Mud Ride, Mudhoney guitarist Steve Turner shares his life before, through, and after grunge.


Alina Bronsky

Barbara Isn’t Dying

Published by Europa Editions

Jul 14, 2023 Books

Alina Bronsky’s Barbara Isn’t Dying tells the story of her protagonist, Walter, with both dark humor and deeply emotional grace.


Vashti Bunyan

Just Another Life to Live

Published by Orion Publishing/White Rabbit Books UK

Jun 26, 2023 Books

As far as autobiographies go, this is a bit of an unusual one, but that is fitting for someone with Vashti Bunyan’s history.


Geezer Butler

Into the Void

Published by Dey St.

Jun 19, 2023 Books

Black Sabbath alums Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi have already entered the publishing space with autobiographies that deal with their lives both in and out of the band. Enter another fourth of the epic group, with bassist and chief lyricist Geezer Butler’s Into the Void.