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Dec 06, 2022 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Michael T. Gilbert’s fascinating new tome tells the tragic tale of Tops, the ill-fated “adult magazine of dramatic picture stories.”


Keeping Two


Jordan Crane

May 26, 2022 Comic Books Web Exclusive

All the best things in life take time, and yet it’s natural to fear that same passing. In Keeping Two, the latest graphic novel from acclaimed cartoonist Jordan Crane, and an endeavour which has appropriately been in the offing for 20 years, time is less a linear pathway than a kaleidoscope of interconnected anxieties, hopes, and dreams.


Good Boy Volume I

Source Point Press

Garrett Gunn and Christian Blanch

May 19, 2022 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Merriam Webster defines homage as: “an expression of high regard; respect. Something that shows respect or attests to the worth or influence of another; tribute.” The comic book industry loves homages more than an audiophile loves a good turntable set-up. Case in point, Amazing Spider-Man #300. But what happens when an homage becomes a love letter?


Life of Che: An Impressionistic Biography


Alberto Breccia, Enrique Breccia, and Héctor Germán Oesterheld

Apr 15, 2022 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The name Che Guevara means different things to different people. Aside from his pop-culture draw, Che Guevara remains a polarizing figure 57 years after his execution. Regardless of your take on the revolutionary, one thing can be agreed upon; his cause and persona will forever remain a hot-button issue. Guevara’s story is an addictive one.


Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero


E Lockhart (written by); Manuel Preitano (illustrated by)

Dec 24, 2021 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Growing up in a rundown urban area of Gotham City, teenager Willow is faced by many a challenge: her unemployed, Jewish, single-parent mother is suffering from cancer, there is little money to support them, and Willow is particularly concerned about not only the plight of a stray dog she names Lebowitz but also about her deprived school and community which she stages protests to improve.


Three For the Money and Other Stories


Jack Kamen, Al Feldstein, and Ray Bradbury

Dec 08, 2021 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Three For the Money and Other Stories, the newest volume in the Fantagraphics EC Artists’ Library, is sure to delight any fan of the award-winning series. It focuses on the work of illustrator Jack Kamen, as well as writers Al Feldstein and Ray Bradbury, by collecting comics originally published in Shock SuspenStories, Crime SuspenStories, Impact, Vault of Horror, Gunfighter, War Against Crime, Crime Patrol, and Tales from the Crypt.


Poison Ivy: Thorns


Written by Kody Keplinger; Art by Sara Kipin

Jul 12, 2021 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Poison Ivy: Thorns, the new graphic novel dedicated to the familiar DC Comics villain, Poison Ivy, is as much traditional origin story as it is potential for a new Netflix miniseries in the vein of The Queen’s Gambit. The book portrays both the buzzy contemporary superhero intrigue as it does the de-evolution of a compelling, beautiful, modern, and free thinking character—and one, in particular, many will likely wish they had for reference as younger people.


Friend of the Devil: A Reckless Book


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

May 26, 2021 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continue to do everything right with the second installment in their hardcover series for Image. This time around it’s 1985 and freelance badass Ethan Reckless must go up against skinheads and Satanists to solve the mystery of a missing starlet.


The Complete Hate


Peter Bagge

Dec 22, 2020 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Fantagraphics has released a gorgeous boxed set of the entirety of Peter Bagge’s Hate—three volumes and 30 years of comics to enjoy. For those perhaps unfamiliar with what many regard as an essential alternative comic from the ’90s, Hate follows the escapades of Buddy Bradley, whose slacker tendencies are only overshadowed by his odd fits of rage, horniness, helplessness, and, occasionally, ambition.