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Wednesday, August 10th, 2022  

Aug 08, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

Brian Joseph Burton, also known as Danger Mouse, has been a prominent producer for the past two decades.


Aug 05, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

When Superorganism first started making noise on the indie scene back in 2017 and 2018 they were imagined as “the Internet’s band,” a group whose cut-and-paste indie pop, hyper-online references, and patchwork songwriting approach captured the era’s manic online culture.


Aug 04, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

If you’re at all familiar with Taylor Vick’s solo project Boy Scouts (2019’s Free Company is a fine place to start) and her achingly woozy constructs, the first thing that pops in your head is probably not that she could sound even better fronting a band.


Aug 03, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

When Brian Eno (credited with “synthesizers and treatments”) left Roxy Music after the touring cycle for their incredible second LP, For Your Pleasure, in 1973, the band was at a crossroads.


King Princess

Hold On Baby


Aug 02, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

Since King Princess debuted in 2018, she has come to represent a new breed of pop star.


Aug 01, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

The second record of 2022 from Nashville-by-Detroit rock star Jack White, Entering Heaven Alive represents a clear departure from the wacky experimentation of the first, Fear of the Dawn.


Jul 29, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

It is only fitting that Maggie Rogers recently graduated from Harvard Divinity School, as her sophomore release has proven her the indisputable patron saint of millennial pop.


Jul 28, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

Throughout her recording career, now over a decade old, Katie Alice Greer has always been a provocateur, but that has just made her ahead of the curve.



Household Name


Jul 27, 2022 Music Web Exclusive

The decidedly problematic Jack Kerouac was at least correct when he wrote, “The road must eventually lead to the whole world.”