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Wednesday, August 10th, 2022  

Trying (Season Three)

Apple TV+, July 22, 2022

Jul 21, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Nikki and Jason were first trying to get pregnant without any result, then they were trying to adopt, now they’re trying to be parents.



Prime Video, June 24, 2022

Jun 24, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

​The limited murder mystery series, which premiered on BBC One in February 2022 to critical acclaim, makes its debut outside of the UK, lead by showrunner, Alice Seabright (Sex Education) and The Crown’s brilliant Erin Doherty.


The Old Man

FX, June 16, 2022

Jun 15, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

There is no sign of Jeff Bridges’ mellow Lebowski image in the new spy series, The Old Man, which has some of the most gruesome and distinctly shot fight scenes since Taken. There’s lots here to satisfy action fans that are above all craving an adrenaline jolt. But it’s a flawed but complex and can’t-miss drama in a year stuffed with them.



FX on Hulu, May 31, 2022

Jun 10, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Music-based biopics, or series are often (but crucially, not always) a dodgy proposition. While a few have been terrific, many of them are poorly acted, stretch the truth one too many times for dramatic effect, and often miss what made whatever made, or makes, the artist great in the first place. This semi-authorized series, based on guitarist Steve Jones’ autobiography Lonely Boy, falls somewhere in the middle.


Physical (Season Two)

Apple TV+, June 3, 2022

Jun 03, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

There are a lot of roadblocks before Sheila gets everything she is working for and none of them are rehashes of those she navigated in Season 1. This is a brand-new hell for Sheila, with enough redemptions along the way to keep you rooting for her.


Hacks (Season Two)

HBO Max, May 12, 2022

May 11, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

The multiple-award-winning comedy with brilliant writing and flawless cast picks up right where it left off in its second season without missing a comedic beat.


I Love That For You

Showtime, April 29, 2022

Apr 29, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Vanessa Bayer’s seven years of awkward character sketches on Saturday Night Live misfire in the Emmy-nominated actor’s first series, I Love That for You. which has all the qualities of a classic workplace sitcom.


Ten Percent

Sundance Now/AMC+/BBC America, April 29, 2022

Apr 27, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Restrained is the one-word summary for the eight-episode first season of Ten Percent, which would love be to Entourage meets Extras. Sadly, it’s not nearly cutthroat enough for the former and not even remotely funny enough to be the latter.


Our Flag Means Death

HBO Max, March 3, 2022

Apr 26, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

​Time to catch up with Rhys Darby’s and Taika Waititi’s critically acclaimed series that is rooted in romance that is nuanced and proudly queer.