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Thursday, January 26th, 2023  

Euphoria: Special Episode Part 2: F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob

HBO, January 24th, 2021 @ 9:00 PM

Jan 23, 2021 Photography by HBO Web Exclusive
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“F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” is the second installment of the two Euphoria episodes meant to bridge the show’s first and second season. The first of the two episodes, “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” focused on Rue’s (Zendaya) internal struggles after the dramatic cliffhanger on which the first season ended. The second episode centers around Jules’ (Hunter Schafer) conversations with her therapist, discussing her high-school experiences, including her tumultuous relationship with Rue.

“F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” could easily be divided into two halves. The first, which takes place primarily in Jules’ therapist’s office, is a conversation between the two. The second half is more experimental, filled with long montages, connections to moments in the series’ first season, and scenes that tie the episode and its predecessor, “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” together. The sudden transition from one type of filmmaking to another is jarring and it takes time to adjust to the new direction in the second half. But the episode’s ability to make this transition in the first place, especially since it was shot entirely during the pandemic is impressive in itself.

As would be expected from the title, Schafer is the driving force behind “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob.” Much of the episode’s successes can be attributed to her performance which goes from dynamic to emotional to nuanced. Likely due to the filming circumstances, the episode is incredibly dialogue heavy. Most of the episode takes place in either the therapist’s office or at Jules’ home. As a result, Schafer is tasked with always being in the spotlight, having to portray the same character, but in a new way that commands more attention and a more prominent screen presence. She rises up to this challenge, and as a result, she gives a series-best performance.

While “Trouble Don’t Last Always” is the more accessible episode of the two – and can arguably be digested without viewers fully investing into the first season of Euphoria, “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” is an episode that requires extensive knowledge of the events of the series’ first season, and of director Sam Levinson’s specific filmmaking styles. The most common criticisms of Euphoria are its inaccurate portrayals of modern high-schoolers, its complex and confusing plotlines, and Levinson’s constant use of differing experimental filmmaking techniques. All three of those things are at play here, but in this case, where Levinson focuses specifically on a single character, they become more rewarding. In contrast to the stand-alone quality of “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” feels like the ultimate reward to Euphoria fans. It not only builds on “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” but by revisiting key moments from the first season, it is able to fill in plot gaps and show yet again how complex, and emotionally burdened Jules is as a character. “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” does more than simply bridge Euphoria’s seasons. It is a consistently entertaining and thought-provoking piece of work, and a welcome return-to-form for Levinson, Schafer, and Zendaya. With the indeterminate production and premiere date of the second season, “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” is a welcome gift and yet another reason to look forward to what Euphoria has in store next. (

Author rating: 7/10

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