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Tuesday, October 20th, 2020  
PLAYlist 56: Scooby-Doo! Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

Oct 09, 2020 By Brad Walton Web Exclusive

It’s spooky season. Finally. More

Verses From the Abstract: Now Who Wants Ice Cream

Oct 05, 2020 By Dustin Krcatovich Web Exclusive

It’s completely well and good to want to change the system, even better to dismantle it in the name of building something better. Still, one must occasionally avail themselves of the small pleasures of the current system as long as we’re stuck in it, no?  More

PLAYlist 55: My City

Sep 29, 2020 By Austin Trunick

A new, family-level legacy game from Thames & Kosmos and designer Reiner Knizia. More

The Trump Depression: Viral Politics in the Age of Fuckery Part II

Sep 18, 2020 By Steve King Web Exclusive

Where to begin...? Well, hey! We’ve got toilet paper back! It’ll come in handy while we’re all shitting ourselves to death with existential dread. Whether it’s the virus, the president’s failed attempts to start a race war, the coming election*,Trump’s secret police, or an increasingly lopsided economy, there’s plenty out there to send you running to the bathroom.  More

Verses From the Abstract: Home and the Great Escape

Sep 04, 2020 By Dustin Krcatovich Web Exclusive

First thing’s first: sorry for the delay in getting this column to your eye sockets. My partner, cat, and I just spent late July and the first half of August packing a retired 2002 school bus full of our personal possessions, then driving said bus across the country from Portland to Ann Arbor.  More

Garbage – Reflecting on the 25th Anniversary of Their Self-Titled Debut

Sep 04, 2020 By Matt the Raven Web Exclusive

Twenty-five years ago Garbage released their eponymous debut album. It took the world by storm and became the definitive alternative rock album that propelled Garbage to become one of the most successful acts of the late ’90s and beyond.  More

Gaming Frequencies: Arkagis Revolution

Sep 03, 2020 By Austin Trunick

Based in Pittsburgh, Mega Cat Studios is a premier example of a game studio that kicks it old school. More

Kamala Harris and the Long Wait for Political Vindication

Aug 19, 2020 By Steve King

I guess I should have prepared this before the announcement but the feeling is fresh and raw, and hot, so I figured, let’s just brazen through it and see what happens. Let’s be honest. Throughout the so-called “veepstakes,” it was never not going to be Kamala Harris. More

Verses From the Abstract: To Bop or Not to Bop

Jul 29, 2020 By Dustin Krcatovich Web Exclusive

Like most people that heard “RASCAL” when it dropped earlier this year, I wanted to know more about RMR from the jump. There’s something so perverse about flipping a Rascal Flatts love ballad and turning it into an anti-cop anthem, of making a refrain of “fuck 12” into a lighters-hoisted singalong. More