Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware: “Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix)” MP3 Stream

Aug 29, 2014

There have been quite a few Jessie Ware remixes posted in the run up to the release of her sophomore album, Tough Love, and it's not even out until October 21. Here's another one. British producer Alex Adair takes on "Say You Love Me." Listen below.


“Princess Hervor” MP3 Stream

Aug 27, 2014


Here’s a glittery new track from Sincerely Yours artist, Merely. Between Merely and JJ the label is getting pretty good at the whole dreamscape thing. Take a listen below. Merely’s new album Nirvana streets next month.



“Early Days (Throwing Shade Remix)” MP3

Aug 27, 2014

London-based producer throwing Shade takes Kamp!’s dance single “Early Days” to the ambient place in his new remix. Listen to the slow-burning take below. Kamp!’s new EP Baltimore is out now on Cascine.



Premiere: “Fight or Flight” Video

Aug 27, 2014

Engineers and Under the Radar go way back. We first interviewed the British band all the way back in our ninth issue, in 2005, in honor of the band's self-titled debut album. Engineers' lineup may have fluctuated over the years, but two things have remained a constant: frontman Mark Peters and the band's sound—gorgeous and dreamy shoegazer soundscapes wrapped in pop songs.

The lineup currently features Peters, Matthew Liney, and Ulrich Schnauss, an acclaimed electronic/shoegaze musician, producer, and remixer in his own right (check out his 2003 album A Strangely Isolated Place and especially its song "On My Own"). The band's new album, their fourth, is fittingly titled Always Returning and is due out in North America on September 16 via Kscope.

We have the honor of premiering the video for Always Returning single "Fight or Flight." The retro looking clip features repeating super-8 feeling footage that perfectly complements the band's vibe.

Peters explains the genesis of the song and the video: "I helped Ulrich (Schnauss who plays synths in Engineers too) out as a sound guy on his U.S tour in 2013 and on that trip he said that I write good songs to drive in California to, so I wrote this song when we came home with the atmosphere of the long scenic drives of California in my mind. Ulrich completed the circle by playing a prophet synth on the track that he bought from the Guitar Center in L.A. on that tour. The video was mainly filmed in West Yorkshire but features a cameo from a butterfly at the end that flew into my studio and got trapped behind the window. I thought it was the perfect metaphor for the song so filmed it trying to get out for a bit before helping it to fly away."

Say Lou Lou

“Instant Crush (Strokes Cover)” MP3 Stream

Aug 26, 2014

Say Lou Lou’s debut album Lucid Dreaming won’t see the light of day until Feb 2015. In the meanwhile, here’s the Swedish/Australian sister act’s take on Daft Punk tune “Instant Crush.” It’s a pretty creditable cover—their fizzy sopranos were made for this whole techno/disco thing.




Premiere: “I’m a Ghost” MP3 Stream

Aug 26, 2014

Up to this point, everything released by Curtin (Jason Rueger and Austin Nelson of the band Country Mice) has been eerily pretty and comparable to the most atmospheric work of Will Oldham or Bill Callahan. "I'm a Ghost," which features contributions from Wilco pianist/keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen, seems to come from another place entirely. It's quiet-to-thunderous dynamics, chugging rhythm and controlled noise bursts have more in common with Spiderland than anything under the Americana umbrella.

Below, you can check out our premiere of "I'm a Ghost," which was taken from the forthcoming LP One For the Doghearted (due out September 30th on Wonderland Archives). (Words by Michael Wojtas)

Sun Glitters

“Lonely Trip” Video

Aug 26, 2014

Sun Glitters’ new video for “Lonely Trip” (a cut from the Luxembourg artist’s debut full-length Scattered Into Light) features black and white footage of a woman walking alone on a beach. It’s isolated and lonely in the most beautiful way. Check it out below.



Little Shoes Big Voice

“Blue Veins” MP3 Stream

Aug 22, 2014

Little Shoes Big Voice might remind you a bit of Broods or GEMS. Thank goodness there’s room for more than one female/male electro pop act in our hearts. “Blue Veins” is a melancholy tune that earns the whole “cathedrals of sound” descriptor. Take a listen below.