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Sunday, October 20th, 2019  


Corridor Share New Song “Pow”

Oct 11, 2019

Montreal's Corridor are releasing a new album, Junior, on October 18 via Sub Pop. It's the band's first album for iconic Seattle label and their third album over all. This week they shared another song from it, the appropriately named "Pow." And while it doesn't exactly bring to mind Adam West's Batman punching Cesar Romero's Joker, "Pow" does have a similar energy to it, cresting on a Krautrock meets dream pop groove.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Shares Video for New Track “playing the long game”

Oct 09, 2019

Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox, is back with a new trap tinged banger complete with melodic sub bass and up-front, processed vocals, much in line with his most recent explorations in this sonic territory on his latest, Buoys. In a statement, Lennox said the track is "about a brief series of thoughts I had one morning about who I am, what I'm doing, and where I'm going." The video, directed by designer Fernanda Pereira features masked figures blurring in and out of a sundazed setting as Lennox strolls casually. 

Water From Your Eyes

Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album, Share New Song “Bad in the Sun”

Sep 13, 2019

Water From Your Eyes are the Brooklyn-based duo of Nate Amos and Rachel Brown. They have announced a new album, Somebody Else's Song, and shared its lead single "Bad in the Sun." Somebody Else's Song is due out October 25 via Exploding In Sound. It's the band's first real "New York album" as they were previously based in Chicago. "Bad in the Sun" gets locked in a cool electronic rock groove and doesn't let go for six minutes. Listen to it below, followed by the album's tracklist and the band's tour dates.

The band had this to say about the song in a press release: "A celebration of bad dreams. The electronic version of 'Somebody Else's Song,' musically over the top, Vocoders, auto-tune (subtle I guess), midi guitars, made sometime in mid 2018 I think, took about a month. In some ways a reflection of 'Break' in terms of length and composition (the two serve as the pillars of album), but ultimately a friendlier and more approachable song. It's definitely the closest thing to older WFYE material on the album, but there are also severe differences in approach to arrangement and pacing. Meant to be a sort of half-closer and set an exciting/ecstatic mood to be ripped down by 'Look Again.'"

Somebody Else's Song Tracklist:

01 "Somebody Else's Song"
02 "Break"
03 "No Better Now"
04 "Look"
05 "Adeleine"
06 "This Is Slow"
07 "Bad In The Sun"
08 "Look Again"

Water From Your Eyes Tour Dates:

09/19 - Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's All Right (w/ Son Step & Mal Devisa)
09/28 - Brooklyn, NY @ Hartstop (w/ Color Tongue & more)
11/07 - Brooklyn, NY @ Rubalud (release show w/ Palberta and Sweet Baby Jesus)


Algiers: “Can The Sub_Bass Speak?”

Aug 30, 2019

This week Algiers shared a new song, "Can The Sub_Bass Speak?" It is an intense piece about race that also seems to tackle some of the criticism the band has received in the past. It's a combination of spoken word vocals from frontman Franklin James Fisher mixed with free-jazz backing provided by saxophonist Skerik and drummer D'Vonne Lewis.

The song was paired with an auto-visual piece put together by filmmaker Sam Campbell and typographer Farbod Kokabi and features production from duo Randall Dunn and Ben Greenberg. It's part of bigger web-installation:

Fisher had this to say about the song in a press release:

"Who has the cultural authority to designate origin and authenticity? 'Can the Sub_Bass Speak?' is a frustrated regurgitation; a re-contextualization; a re-appropriation; a shield and a mirror that projects back onto the world a lifetime of interpellating language rooted in weaponized ignorance and supremacist privilege.

"The improvised punctuation is provided by Skerik on the tenor saxophone and D'Vonne Lewis on drums and percussion. The underlying cacophony traces the evolution of African-American music, experience and identity.

"This is not for the mercenary architects: the Jacks and Queens of simulated experience. This is for anyone who has found themselves on the sharp end of insidious, rhetorical prying: 'Where are you from?' 'What are you?' This is for anyone who has had their identity assigned and determined by the agents of patriarchy. This is for the Subaltern."

Algiers' last album was 2017's The Underside of Power.

Read our 2017 interview with Algiers on The Underside of Power.

Gardens & Villa

Gardens and Villa Share Video for New Track “Rosie”

Aug 06, 2019

Now Los-Angeles based indie rockers, Gardens & Villa have returned with a renewed perspective on their sound and life. Their newest track "Rosie" finds the band in a meditative psychedelic folk mood as they conjure a phantasmagoric dream world where imperanence is the bittersweet sap from the trees. The video features a cosmic fairy tale world where trolls, wizards, and magical beings all converge.


Squid Announce EP and Share “The Cleaner”

Jul 19, 2019

This week Brighton, England-formed five-piece Squid announced a new EP, Town Centre, and shared a new song from it "The Cleaner." Town Centre is due out digitally on September 6 via producer Dan Carey's Speedy Wunderground, with a physical release on November 15. The band have a post-punk sound, with comparisons to Talking Heads and Television fairly warranted. "The Cleaner" is seven-and-a-half minutes long, an easy song to get lost in.

The band features Ollie Judge (drums, lead vocals), Louis Borlase (guitars, vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (keyboards, strings), Laurie Nankivell (bass, brass), and Anton Pearson (guitars, vocals).

The band collectively had this to say about the song in a press release: "'The Cleaner' is a lost acquaintance, one that we've spent the last year trying to get to know... tirelessly working and turning up whenever needed. We work for the money to spend our time doing other things. 'The Cleaner' imagines the divided work and play structure and thinks about breaking from it."

Dan Carey had this to say about the song: "I love Squid so much. To record with them is such a joy - the room is a sea of ideas and enthusiasm without any clashes of ego; every suggestion is given full attention. This, combined with their musicianship results in beautifully inventive music, underpinned by a hard steady groove and topped with lyrics that are important and surreal. When I first saw squid I was blown away. In the middle of being blown away, they played 'The Cleaner.' In the middle of 'The Cleaner' I was blown away by the middle bit of 'The Cleaner.' So I was 3 levels down, and I thought 'Yes...Squid.'"

Town Centre EP Tracklist:

1. Savage
2. Match Bet
3. The Cleaner
4. Rodeo

Squid Tour Dates:

7/19/2019 - Bluedot, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire, UK
7/21/2019 - Latitude, Suffolk, UK 
8/2/2019 - Neverworld, Kent, UK
8/3/2019 - The Three Wheel Drive Festival, Andover, UK
8/3/2019 - Visions Festival, London, UK 
8/16/2019 - Green Man, Wales, UK
8/22/2019 - The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK
8/23/2019 - Future Yards, Liverpool, UK
8/24/2019 - This Must Be The Place, Leeds, UK
8/29/2019 - Into The Great Wide Open, Netherlands
8/30/2019 - Knee Deep, Cornwall, UK
8/31 - 9/1 - End of the Road 2019, Salisbury, UK
9/6/2019 - Krankenhaus Festival, Cumbria, UK
9/13/2019 - Leffingeleuren, Leffinge, Belgium
9/14/2019 - Hop Pop Hop, Orléans, France
9/16/2019 - Muziekodroom, Hasselt. Belgium
9/17/2019- Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
9/18 - 9/21 - Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany 
10/12/2019 - Tenement Trail, Glasgow, UK
10/19/2019 - Future Days, Birmingham, UK
10/19/2019 - Simple Things, Bristol, UK
10/20/2019 - Swn Festival, Cardiff, UK
10/21/2019 - The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK 
10/22/2019- Yes, Manchester, UK
10/23/2019 - The Picture House, Sheffield, UK 
10/24/2019 - Elsewhere, Margate, UK
10/25/2019 - London Calling, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/27/2019 Tunbridge Wells Forum, Tunbridge Wells, UK
11/1/2019 - Pitchfork Paris, Paris, France 
11/6/2019- Village Underground, London, UK with Warmduscher
11/ 8 - 11/9 - Primavera 20th Anniversary Weekender, Benidorm, Spain
11/10/2019 - Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Shares New Single “Take Heart, Take Care”

Jun 27, 2019

Fayetteville-based singer/songwriter Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster has shared the title track from his forthcoming album Take Heart, Take Care, due out August 30 on Big Legal Mess Records. The track is a gentle exhortation wrapped in the fineries of sun-baked folk with taught lyricism and gentle piano accents. 


Florist Share Video for New Track “Time Is A Dark Feeling”

Jun 25, 2019

Brooklyn-based indie pop band Florist have shared the transportive new video for their new track "Time Is A Dark Feeling." The video features a slideshow of images that embellish the frail and vacant qualities of the song. Florist recently announced the release of their third album Emily Alone due out July 26 via Double Double Whammy.