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Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 1: Knight Terrors


Oct 10, 2012 Issue #42 - The Protest Issue Bookmark and Share


All in all, this is a fairly non-essential Batman. The first part of the arc starts promisingly enough—there’s the requisite breaking out of Arkham (which introduces a ‘roided-out Two-Face and a new villain, the “why would anyone wear so few clothes” White Rabbit), an amusing take on a snarky Alfred Pennyworth, and really beautiful art from David Finch. From there, though, it devolves into a “villain of the week” formula—Batman battles a series of foes affected by a fear gas; there’s Scarecrow and Clayface and Poison Ivy and blah blah blah. The most similar existing bit of Batman fiction is the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum (or its sequel, Arkham City)—but while that game made sense of its multiple villains through a lengthy play experience and unique setting, Knight Terrors shoehorns too many powerful villains into the same storyline. If “co-plotters” Finch and Paul Jenkins had spaced out these iconic characters instead of going the “ohmigod, what if Bane tried to break Batman’s back again” route, it would have been a much more successful relaunch for The Dark Knight. Read Scott Snyder’s Batman instead.



Author rating: 5.5/10

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October 10th 2012

Lol for “villain of the week” ;)) .