Jul 30, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

While his first book focused on his destructive lifestyle, addictions, and recovery, Duff McKagan's second book focuses on the stable, healthy, and pragmatic person he his now. More

Tom Wright


Published by Europa Editions

Jul 27, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

The second crime novel from Tom Wright is a page-turning murder mystery that will draw you in like few others can. 


Jul 23, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Read the definitive account of the first two Isle of Wight Festivals, written by one of the festival’s organizers.


Jul 21, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Laugh out loud at a hilarious send-up of Kiss co-frontman and lead fire-spitting bassist, Gene Simmons. 


Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance

Published by Penguin

Jul 14, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

In his debut book, Aziz Ansari teams with NYU sociologist Eric Klineberg for a sociological overview/research project on how technology is changing the way we seek out love and communicate with potential/current partners. And of course, it is humorous. 


Jul 07, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Kent Babb’s Not a Game chronicles the life and career of Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson, and in doing so, opens a can of worms on Iverson’s personal life. 


Jun 29, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

In The Pop Festival, the music festival is put under the scholarly microscope in 14 separate essays, each written by a scholar in his or her field and taking on a particular aspect of the “festival” in all its different iterations.


Jun 21, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

In Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars, Mark Ribowsky presents a terrifically detailed and wonderfully engaging portrait of Lynyrd Skynyrd. More

Jun 12, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

Michael Stewart Foley's Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables is a must read not only for punks young and old, but for anyone who has ever felt even the slightest revolutionary pang in their soul. More