Aug 25, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Total Depravity, the fifth album by English indie rock quintet The Veils, is brilliantly haunting and ruefully grim. Fans of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and latter day Tom Waits will find much to love on this album, as the band's chilly instrumentation and frontman Finn Andrews' theatrical vocals evoke the Gothic tinge of the former, while the singer's lyricism hews close to the devilish weirdness of the latter. More

Aug 24, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Morgan Delt's first jam bore the hallmarks of '60s psych so thoroughly that some thought it was unearthed from the post-Woodstock era. Drenched in psychedelia, Phase Zero is dripping with dreamy sounds that ooze from your speakers' pores like day-after LSD sweat. More

Aug 23, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

It's hard to imagine how Paul Banks (the brooding lead singer of Interpol) and RZA (the de-facto leader of Wu-Tang Clan) ever came together as friends or musicians, but it's a fairly simple story of admiration and mutual respect.  More

Ed Harcourt



Aug 23, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

You know what the biggest problem with the white, male singer/songwriter these days is? They are almost wilfully boring. They will sacrifice personality on the altar of earnestness, lest someone think they might for one second enjoy their job of playing a piano/guitar and crooning for money. If they are not suffering then what they do is not art...for some reason. More

Aug 22, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Glass Animals proved themselves worthy of all the early-bird hype with ZABA, their psychedelic dance debut from 2014. If you loved that record, How to Be a Human Being is good news. It picks up where ZABA left off with remarkable consistency, nailing the same strides and then some, keeping up with the expectations while completely decimating them. More

Aug 22, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Aesop Rock reveals the meaning behind his new LP's title on its best track, "Get In the Car." Over a pulsing bass line and a tight, flexing guitar riff (with nary a beat in earshot) the MC spits: "Watch The Impossible Kid/everything that he touched turns promptly to shit." More

Aug 19, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

With the recording of their latest album, English duo Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson of Slow Club embraced the notion that just because someone's not a member of your Club doesn't mean you can't play well together. More

Aug 18, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

They may be just one album down, but you already know what to expect from Factory Floor. Right from the very start, Nik Void and Gabriel Gurnsey's sonic shtick has been dark, visceral electronica that pulses like the twitching, itching corpse of industrial techno.  More

Aug 17, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

It's hard to figure out how to feel about music when you don't know how you feel about the people making it. When an artist's image is in disrepute and integrity in question, does this preclude true appreciation of the work he or she creates?  More