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Tuesday, January 21st, 2020  

Jan 16, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

It is an unmistakable fact that Bill Fay's rise to prominence in recent times is one of the greatest stories of contemporary music.  More

Jan 15, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

James Alex' ongoing, fireworks-beautiful, heartfelt and heart-worn tribute to Rock 'n' Roll & The Spirit of The Replacements (TM) reaches its potential peak here on his fourth full length (taking into account 2018's sometimes transcendent Quiet Slang record).  More



Rough Trade

Jan 13, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

The fragrance of a marigold is anything but subtle. In fact, the flower's pungency is believed to have the strength to lure the dead back across the threshold to the living. Many of Evan Stephens Hall's songs on Pinegrove's third studio album, Marigold, seek that same path out of stasis and back to normalcy. More

Jan 10, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Georgia Barnes' second album was due to be released last summer. That was until she managed to secure a spot on the BBC Radio 1 A-List with her single "Started Out," a rare and bracing achievement for an independent dance producer, much less one that prefers to use exclusively analogue recording equipment, less still for a female artist that writes and produces in her own studio. More

Jan 09, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Since Mikal Cronin has been playing fresh rock music—whether writing songs solo or in a backing band with friends—for 10 years, I've got a nickname for him: Cronin the Conquistador. More

Jan 08, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Cigarettes After Sex (aka Greg Gonzalez) brought the sensuality back to indie rock with his 2017 self-titled debut, an album that, across swaying dreams like "K" and the unmatchable "Apocalypse," brought an unexpected edge of sexiness, open-heartedness and musical transportation to a rather staid scene. More

Jan 07, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

The latest in an ongoing series of ballets scored by everyone's favorite angel, Sufjan Stevens, was Justin Peck's The Decalogue in 2017.  More


Running All the Way Home EP

By the Time It Gets Dark

Jan 06, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Sparking into fire with 2018's Distant Star EP, a supercharged power-pop record, strapping together equal parts Superchunk and Teenage Fanclub with a drizzle of post-rock, Norway's Spielbergs have since debuted their LP This Is Not the End with an expansion along the same lines.  More

Jan 03, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Following the perceived flop of the now-lauded Village Green Preservation Society in 1968, Ray Davies, never a band leader to follow the path of least resistance, chose to follow it up with another ambitious working class concept album: Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire. More